Art is a way of Survival

I’m so obsessed with this shirt! I want to wear it every day. For me, art is how I make my living. It’s how so many people make their living… but Art is so much more than just work. When you pour all of your time, aspirations, hopes, & dreams into a creative outlet it becomes a product of yourself. It’s so amazing to see the final piece. It shows you how you’ve evolved as a person and how your thought processes have changed. What kind of creative outlets do you have? Do you make anything that you’re proud of?

I used to hate graphic tees. I felt like they defined me too much, too loudly. I used to think that graphic tees took away from what made clothing unique… Or that I was too old to wear a printed shirt. They were too easily the focal point of any look. Perhaps I was wrong? The right graphic tee can help a look come together in ways a pleat or any other specific design detail could.

I saw this tee on tumblr and had to buy it… truth be told this is an aliexpress purchase. Apparently it was available at Zara, at some point in the past, but I couldn’t find it there.

Do you have a favorite graphic tee? How do they make you feel?


The jacket is an amazing vintage find! I took it from boyfriend.. it’s fully lined, warm, & amazing! I plan on stealing it 1,000 more times in the future. I wouldn’t even feel the rain while I was wearing it.


Similar look:

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“Anarchy is the mother of order”

  -Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

In the last couple of months I have been working with amazing vintage shop owner Danielle at MunecaMullins. This has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a photographer, learn a bit more about my new surroundings, and make friends. I somehow have restrained myself from purchasing anything from her.. until I saw this giant vintage Levi’s jacket with the Anarchy symbol painted on the back. I had to take it. Conveniently, it fits my boyfriend rather well.

Get the look:

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If it’s not black, put it back.

It’s becoming warmer and warmer. I cant wait till the trees have color again! That won’t make me wear color, though.

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Time out, New York!

Happy Wednesday! I got this amazing new coat and I’m obsessed. Finally, I don’t have to wear a puffy coat all day.

Get the look:


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Valentine’s Day!

I wasn’t sure what to wear today for Valentine’s day. I wish I could say it was a fun flirty outfit; but truth be told I was freezing. What am I doing outside if I’m freezing?  Attempting to relax at Bryant park on my lunch break. It’s fun to watch other people ice skate even though I don’t have the time to do it. There’s also a great Japanese bookstore across the street with a cafe on the second floor. They make a mean matcha latte.

Get a similar look:


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Pixel Forest

I finally made it to see the Pixel Forest at the New Museum, just before the exhibit ended.  My first museum visit of the new year! It was amazing and interactive. The New Museum is slowly becoming one of my favorite art museums.

There was was series a sort films with a sea of pillows for people to lounge with on the floor:

A very intense film that I didn’t completely understand:

And finally the main attraction, Pixel Forest:

You can also reach the roof of the building through the elevators:

My outfit:

Get the look:

Transit Playlist:

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I woke up like this

I awoke to my first real snow this morning!!!I ran outside, threw a few snow balls, slipped on the steps, stomped in a puddle.. What else could I have asked for?  # nomakeup #wokeuplikethis



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Art Basel Vibes ( See you for the holidays, Miami)

In honor of the recent Art Basel that I missed this year, I think I should share my last adventure in Wynwood in Miami (Photos by Linett ). We had brunch and walked around the Wynwood walls. This last moth has been a very big move for me. I have moved to NYC to follow my dreams. I’ll be back in Miami for the Holidays.






Polaroids were also a fun touch to the weekend:  polaroid_0002_

Get the look:


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Menswear Mondays: Red, White, & Blue

Looking for that nautical Americana look? Look no further! Andrew will show us the way while he jams out on his fancy guitar.

DSC_7811 DSC_7788 DSC_7748
Tshirt: Express Anchor Striped print v-neck tee
Shorts: Express linen short (similar here & here)
Shoes: St John’s Bay (similar here & here)
Guitar: Taylor
Pillows: Anthropologie (similar here)
Hair tie: Forever21
Watch: Express
Glasses: Gant
Socks: Hanes


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Warped Tour 2015 Survival Guide (4th of July)

It’s that time of the year again! SUMMER TIME! I normally celebrate the fourth of July with my family, but this year I will be attending Warped Tour!!! With that in mind I will be making a sort of Warped Tour “survival guide”.  I think that many things in this guide could be applied to any festival for the summer.

What is Warped Tour, you ask? It’s the largest traveling music festival in the US. A multitude of different kinds of bands play there (band list here) Yes, it’s outside, there are pits, and it gets muddy. It’s sponsored by Vans (and these other people).  It generally opens at 11:00am and the show closes down by 9:00pm.

For Warped Tour’s official 101, please go here.

FIRST OF ALL! I would pack my bag the night before instead of scrambling all morning and rushing to get there. If you’re going to try and cut the line by bringing canned goods (by donating to the Feed Our ChildrenNOW! booth), I’d get those the day before too. If your under 18, your parents get in free! I don’t know about y’all’s parents, but when I was that age mine would never be caught dead at warped tour. EAT BREAKFAST!  I never ever eat breakfast. Ever. But for Warped Tour, I do. If you can, I’d carpool.. parking is like $20. If you want free access to backstage, look up the blood donation thing on the official Warped Tour website.

How to Dress:
Warped Tour isn’t like the other festivals floating around lately. There isn’t a huge need to be trendy and look super boho and put together. Your priorities should be keeping cool and being comfortable. I’d suggest comfy sneakers, shorts, a tank, and a backpack. Depending on how craptastic the weather turns out to be, you might even want to throw some of these things out at the end of the day. Here are some of my coordinates:


Tank: h&m • Shorts: forever 21 • Shoes: Roxy •  Spotrs bra: forever 21


Top: c&c California • Shorts: Machine Jeans • Bra: Nike • Sunnies: forever 21


Tank: h&m • Shorts: Ralph Lauren • Watch: cotton on • Bra: Everlast • sunnies: rayban

Get the looks:

What to Pack:

  2. Backpack: I wouldn’t bring a purse to this event, it would be super cumbersome. You’ll need somewhere to keep all the stuff your going to bring, whatever free stuff people hand you, and any merch you end up buying. No one wants to hold these things in their hands all day…
  3. Ziploc bags: If you’ve ever been to ANY festival in south Florida you already know why. Picture this: bright sunny day birds chirping, mosquitoes biting, little white fluffy clouds hover over head. BOOM: Perfect storm appears out of nowhere. If you have a ziplock you’ll be able to keep your essentials (phone, wallet, camera, back up phone battery, etc.) dry.  If you bring an extra your friends will probably appreciate it.
  4. Small Towel: If you get a small cheap towel (from any convince store or Walmart) you’ll be able to dry of if it pours and wipe off any sweat. Just toss it out at the end of the day.
  5. Watch: ANYTHING to save your phone battery. If you have a watch on you’ll be able to check the time and catch all of your bands with out messing with your phone.
  6. Extra tshirt: Because Rain. I left this in my car last year and just changed it when I got out at the end of the night.
  7. Extra socks: Because Rain. If your shoes get soaked at least you’ll be able to change socks.
  8. Bandaids: You never know when you’ll need these! What if something happens, like your shoe is being evil?
  9. Sunglasses: Because too much Sun.
  10. Hat: Because Sun (I wouldn’t go into the pit with this unless you want to lose it)
  11. Water: You’re allowed to bring in one sealed bottle of water. They let you refill this! Make sure you drink water ALL DAY. I wouldn’t even think about beer or soda… unless you want to die of dehydration. If you’re tired of water maybe buy a Gatorade there?
  12. Cash: Because credit isn’t accepted anywhere… and you’ll need to eat something! It says you’re allowed to bring “a small homemade snack.” This probably isn’t enough, even if you don’t plan on buying merch, you should bring some cash for food.
  13. Sunscreen: BECAUSE SUN DEATH
  14. Poncho: Because Rain.
  15. Hand sanitizer / Antibacterial wipes: Because Porta-Potties.
  16. Phone charger/Battery pack: I know, annoying, but if you’re phone dies and you’re separated from the pack, you’re screwed. Make sure the portable battery is fully charged and working before you get there! As hard as I try not to check my phone a thousand times a day… it never works out. Snapchat and instagram, taking photos, texting, etc, all of these things will drain your phone so fast!
  17. Sharpie: Autographs. Also, you’ll be able to mark all the set times and stages on the little map when you get there ( the little map is like $2.) Maybe a tiny notepad too?
  18. Earplugs: to save your eardrums. I don’t usually bring this, but I’m trying it this year.
  19. Extra bobby pins/hair ties: Because.. it’s hot & sweaty! I mean, unless you have no hair


  • Update your social media at the end of the night! It’ll save battery and you’ll be able to live in the moment better.
  • DRINK WATER! I’m super serious about this. Hydrate!
  • Keep track of all your stuff! If you’re going into the pit and your friend isn’t leave leave your bag with them. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve seen lose keys.
  • For God’s sake, don’t wear flip flops. I’ve seen these lost in the mud and broken. Terrible game plan.
  • Get the time sheet! Even if it changes, its easier to keep track of it like this than taking a picture of it with your phone. I did the phone thing last time. Didn’t work so well.
  • If you can, put one of those fancy lifeproof covers on your phone!
  • Be considerate of all of the other people around you!!!

Listen While you’re getting ready:

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