White Hot Summer

I’ve been trying to work out a system for what to wear up here during the summer. It’s crazy cold in our office building during the day. I also find that I’m extremely chilly during my morning commute. Um, 74 is still chilly for me. No, I did not get used to it during the winter in NYC. By the end of the day it’s like the Florida heat is following me around.

This quandary is rekindling my everlasting love for denim. How is it so versatile? It goes with everything, it isn’t too hot, or too cold. If I could marry Levis I would. For many years (3 to be exact)I avoided shopping for jean pants and shorts. I hated dealing with the sizing because I didn’t know what size I was. The sizes in different brands never matched up and for the most part made me feel bad about my body. Am I a small, medium, or large?? I was all of them. So many styles wouldn’t fit my hips if they fit my thighs, would leave a gap on my butt if I sized up, or had an extreme excess of fabric in the crotch area. This year I sucked it up and tried on several Levis pants. To my surprise I found about 10 pairs that fit when I really only needed 4. Thank you Levis for making things that fit my body. Thank you for making me feel like I deserved pants with out having to fight for something to fit. Thank you for making me feel amazing.

Aside from denim, I’ve also been wearing a lot of vintage lately. Vintage clothes used to weird me out. Was this garment found on a dead person? What did the previous owner do while wearing this? Were they ever quarantined for anything while wearing said item? I’d hope that the person’s clothes would be burned to nothingness if they were quarantined. The top is a knit sleeveless vintage sweater. I acquired it during the Vintage Mini Marketplace at Porta Pizza in Downtown Jersey City last month.

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Love is color blind

Happy summer and happy pride month! To celebrate I went to try some ice cream from the fancy Ice & Vice kiosk in Time Square, on Broadway between 43rd  & 44th.  They donate 5 % of sales to charities supporting socially relevant causes. I ordered the NO HATE which is composed of a Basic B soft serve (Mexican vanilla, black lava sea salt), raspberry jam injection, pink chocolate shell, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and cherry. It all sits in a bright pink Konery coconut almond macaroon cone. It was fantastic! However, it did melt very quickly… Probably due to the 90 degree weather. What other great ice cream places would you recommend in the city? I love ice cream even though it does not love me (lactose intolerant and all that).

I’ve also been super obsessed with my rings from the rogue + wolf. They’re the perfect shade, black. and made of 3D printed in polyamide plastic. I’m not sure if I should take them off to wash my hands; but I haven’t been. I can’t wait to order more.

Outfit photos taken by Katie & edited by me. Cityscape photo taken & edited by me.

Get the look:

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Valentine’s Day!

I wasn’t sure what to wear today for Valentine’s day. I wish I could say it was a fun flirty outfit; but truth be told I was freezing. What am I doing outside if I’m freezing?  Attempting to relax at Bryant park on my lunch break. It’s fun to watch other people ice skate even though I don’t have the time to do it. There’s also a great Japanese bookstore across the street with a cafe on the second floor. They make a mean matcha latte.

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I woke up like this

I awoke to my first real snow this morning!!!I ran outside, threw a few snow balls, slipped on the steps, stomped in a puddle.. What else could I have asked for?  # nomakeup #wokeuplikethis



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Art Basel Vibes ( See you for the holidays, Miami)

In honor of the recent Art Basel that I missed this year, I think I should share my last adventure in Wynwood in Miami (Photos by Linett ). We had brunch and walked around the Wynwood walls. This last moth has been a very big move for me. I have moved to NYC to follow my dreams. I’ll be back in Miami for the Holidays.






Polaroids were also a fun touch to the weekend:  polaroid_0002_

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Coffee Date

My friends helped me raid my closet for a coffee date! I know it feels like summer, but I don’t feel like myself without my boots. I had fun checking out this coffee spot, Warsaw Coffee, in Fort Lauderdale. I had the best soy latte I’ve had in a long time and some great conversation. I would totally recommend a visit. Do you know any great local coffee spots in south Florida? Please let me know below!

DSC_2418 DSC_2484

Outfit photos taken by Linett
Coffee shop photos taken by Me!

Get the look:

Listen to my current coffee house vibes:

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Back to work

After a long weekend it’s so difficult to get back to the office grind. It was mush smoother for me because my mystery package from China arrived! I recently tried out the new Wish App my co workers were talking about. The app itself is really easy to use. you click what you like, put in your credit card info, and buy it. There are a lot of customer reviews on everything. I would suggest you read them all if youre actually going to buy something. As expected the black “dress” was a little shorter on me than on the Asian girl in the picture, but hey it makes for a perfect tunic to pair with my Peony leggings.


Top: Wish | Leggings: Peony Ponte & Faux Leather Leggings | Boots: Steve Madden | Bucket bag: Steve Madden (here & here) | Nail Polish: Forever 21 Light Grey | Watch: CottonOn (similar)

Wish Top


Steve Madden Boots & bag

Peony legging


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Menswear Mondays: Spring Neutrals

We’re going to try and do one of these every Monday! I will be featuring outfits worn by my very fashionable cousin/BFF, Andrew. He plays guitar, works at Express, attends college, loves Johnny Cash, and is very supportive of all of my photography nonsense. You can find more info on him at his soundcloud & IG. The following outfit was put together for our friends over at thinker tees; we had a photoshoot this weekend.






Hat: Vans Camo Snapback
Sunglasses: H&M 
Tshirt: Thinker Tee, Scrambled Heroes 
Pants: Express Cotton Jogger Pant
Shoes: Black Converse Chuck Taylor Classic

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Winter Shorts

December is already here! Did this year fly by as fast for you all as it did for me? I can’t believe were counting down the days until the end of 2014. Good news! (well for everyone in South Florida) It’s unbelievably warm and we can still wear shorts with out layering! Check it out, everyone else pretty much hates us:


This is where “Winter Shorts” come in. You know when you go shopping and you see really cute shorts crafted from one of the three Vs (velour, velvet, velveteen) and you think to yourself: “Self, why the hell would people make shorts out of this fabric?” The answer is simple, they either want you 1) to freeze your tush off, 2) layer them with leggings, stockings, or tights, or the most logical conclusion: 3) they know you live in Florida.

These shorts must exist solely for people in South Florida to feel like they can participate in the seasons and dress “seasonally.” At least that’s my theory.

So ladies, gather up your favorite winter short and dress them up or dress them down, before we can’t wear them anymore!
I wore my floral winter short recently. I paired with a light sweater and my combat boots. I find this combo to be the ideal outfit for 70-something to 60-something degree weather.





Photography by Karen Cardona

Outfit details:
{Floral Lace Velvet Tassle Short: band of gypsies (Marshalls)}
{Pink Chunky Sweater: Marshall’s}
{Wool Hat: Nastygal}
{Black Combat Boot: Steve Madden}
{Gold+Silver Watch: vintage}
{Concho Ring: Gypsy Warrior}
{Cat: Karen’s cat}
{Drink: Michelada}

Chilly vibes:
My friend recently introduced me to Flatsound. He’s based in San Diego, California and has a perfectly melancholic and cold sound. The bandcamp page is very visually appealing, too.
If you get a chance, you should check it out.

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Denim Dan a.k.a Casual Fridays

For many of us in the cubicle world, Fridays mean one thing. Well, many things, but mainly possibly PAY DAY and Denim. It’s  the one day of the week that we’re allowed to wear denim to the office. The struggle to keep denim out for so long occasionally turns me into Denim Dan, yes, head to toe denim. This look makes me nervous, but what the hey, why not try? To spare myself from a three piece denim suit I chose to pair my myriad of denims with a plain white T from C&C California. I’m already making a statement, so adding a statement necklace on top of it all only seemed to make sense when I woke up at the crack of dawn (okay, maybe not dawn… but close to it!) Seeing as how it was the first “cold front” here in south Florida, I couldn’t resist my denim jacket. This bad boy has been hiding out all year, time to bust him out.

Today’s low in suburban south Florida:image (5)

Presenting Denim Dan (I mean Me) :




Photography by Abdyanyz Vazquez

Outfit details:
{Denim Jacket: joujou (Marshall’s)}
{White T: C&C California}
{Glasses: Valentino}
{Backpack: Mossimo}
{Black Pointed Pumps: DV Dolce Vita}
{Jeans: Forever21}
{Statement Necklace: Cotton On}
{Lipstick: Rimmel London 126 Metallic Seduction}

This song by Deers encapsulates my mood of the day; they’re awesome and from Madrid, Spain

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