Back to work

After a long weekend it’s so difficult to get back to the office grind. It was mush smoother for me because my mystery package from China arrived! I recently tried out the new Wish App my co workers were talking about. The app itself is really easy to use. you click what you like, put in your credit card info, and buy it. There are a lot of customer reviews on everything. I would suggest you read them all if youre actually going to buy something. As expected the black “dress” was a little shorter on me than on the Asian girl in the picture, but hey it makes for a perfect tunic to pair with my Peony leggings.


Top: Wish | Leggings: Peony Ponte & Faux Leather Leggings | Boots: Steve Madden | Bucket bag: Steve Madden (here & here) | Nail Polish: Forever 21 Light Grey | Watch: CottonOn (similar)

Wish Top


Steve Madden Boots & bag

Peony legging


Shop Similar Items:


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Memorial Day Weekend!

In preparation for this weekend I have put together three outfits, one for each day of the weekend. Most of these things I’ve been slowly accumulating since January.  What do you have in your closet for this weekend?

Option #1:

T-shirt: Cloth & Stone  (Similar here, here, and here) Distressed Denim: Machine Jeans (Similar here, here, and here) Bra: BCBGeneration (Similar here, here, and here) Backpack: Urban Expressions Watch: Francescas Shoes: Nautica (Similar here & here)



Option #2:

Tank: ASOS  (Similar here, here, and here) Distressed Denim Shorts: Machine Jeans (Similar here, here, and here) Necklace: F21 (Similar here & here)  Shoes: Madden Girl (Similar here) Sunglasses: F21

Option #3:

Tank: H&M Denim Shorts: Old Navy Necklace: Freepeople (Similar here)  Shoes: H&M (Similar here) Sunglasses: F21 Blazer: Cotton on (Similar here) Bag: Kate Spade Hampton Road, Flame (Similar here )

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Menswear Mondays: Spring Neutrals

We’re going to try and do one of these every Monday! I will be featuring outfits worn by my very fashionable cousin/BFF, Andrew. He plays guitar, works at Express, attends college, loves Johnny Cash, and is very supportive of all of my photography nonsense. You can find more info on him at his soundcloud & IG. The following outfit was put together for our friends over at thinker tees; we had a photoshoot this weekend.






Hat: Vans Camo Snapback
Sunglasses: H&M 
Tshirt: Thinker Tee, Scrambled Heroes 
Pants: Express Cotton Jogger Pant
Shoes: Black Converse Chuck Taylor Classic

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Wynwood Life Festival (a.k.a Weekend Adventure in Miami)


This weekend was the Wynwood Life festival in Miami. It’s a three day event featuring food trucks, shops, and art. The flyer said “beer” would be featured, but the only beer I saw was a whole lotta Blue Moon, some Peroni, and the usual suspects (miller light etc). Now, I’m not saying these beers aren’t good and I don’t mean to sound like a giant beer snob, BUT there are so many amazing local breweries in that area that I was extremely disappointed. Lu and I decided it would be worth a go anyway. We arrived at around 2:30pm on Saturday. For those of you that are not from south Florida, this is REALLY EARLY in Miami time. Of course true to Miami this time of year, it promptly poured on us as we tried to eat at the food trucks and ruined our hair. Lu’s hair still looked great of course.

Enter one of my best gal’s, Lu:

IMG_3906Lu’s outfit:

Shoes: Steve Madden       Top: H&M
Bag: Vince Camuto            Necklace: H&M

Didn’t her gorgeous hair hold up well after the rain?  The grounds were soaked and it was still Super hot and sunny. We found a tent (aka The Oasis..) full of art and a fan. We clearly had to play with the fan. IMG_4011


And then it was my turn to play with the arts.


My outfit:

Fashionable scars: My longboard
Top: H&M
Necklace: Forever21
Bag: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Black Thurlow Flat Leather Crossbody Bag
Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny
Shorts: Machine Jeans
Hat: Forever21



I didn’t mean for us to be typical Miami people and pose in front of paintings.. but this was literally the only place people were not taking pictures. Plus the art was pretty. Here is what people in Miami do:

Step one: Find an artist


Step two: Take their photo of artist/take selfie near artist (the crowd pictured below has this on lock)

All that aside, we did some shopping:

Lu at the Kumo Friends booth:

IMG_4065Lu purchasing this lovely print from Phil Fung:



I got to play some almost giant Jenga with a 12 year old. I lost three times, go figure.


I had to take a picture of these people’s shoes, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

Here are a list of my favorite people/booths at the festival:

Kalaki Riot (I bought a sweet ring from here, it’s up on my instagram)
MIA shoes (they’re so nice and their shoes are amazing. Plus they were handing coupons out and let me enter their raffle)
The Original Greek (the most delicious Greek food I have ever enjoyed)
Kumo ( Laura is so cute and so are all of her things!!! Check them out)
Phil Fung  (Super nice local Miami artist, go buy his stuff)
Migdalia (She helped me with my tshirt commitment phobia)


Shop these looks:

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14 Bralette & Bra Faves Under $100

Hi, My name is Monica and I have a Lingerie addiction. There, I’ve said it, and now I can continue on with my Lingerie Addicts speech:

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. The day in which I celebrate my love for lace undergarments. However, this leaves me with an entirely too large credit card bill at the end of January and February. I try my hardest to keep each purchase at a reasonable price. Here I’ll be listing my 14 favorite finds under $100, plus one that’s a little over. If you’re lucky, by the time you see this, these bad boys won’t be sold out. I think if you buy them RIGHT NOW they might get there in time for V-day. If not… I mean, they’re good on other days too! I’ll also include a small review for the one’s I’ve actually lusted enough after to purchase.

Lonely Blair Underwire Bra
Lonely Blair Underwire Bra

This bra is on sale at the Free People website for $49.95, which is why I linked there instead over to the lonely website.  If you can’t find your size at free people, you might want to check here. I love the spiderweb looking lace that makes up the flowers on this bra. I also love the straps. It’s so cute!

Lonely Lulu Strap Bra
Lonely Lulu Strap Bra

I actually purchased this bra from Free People for $69.95 I’m a 34 and the band fit is a little loose but I refused to send it back. I think it’s like that so you don’t turn into a tied sausage when you put it on. This is a steal! Lonley sells this bra for  $115.00 at their website.

lawithlovee love me bralette
LA With Love – Love Me Bralette

I drool over LA With Love’s instagram all day. This is one I’d choose for V-day if I had extra funds. They go for $23.99 and can be purchased on their website or through their Etsy.

LA With Love Lucy Flowerbomb Bralette In Skin
LA With Love Lucy Flowerbomb Bralette In Skin

I also saw this lovely on instagram. They go for $21.99 It’s playfulness with the nude mesh makes lust for it even more.

Helen Kukovski Lace bra Triangle Bralette w/ Floral Applique
Helen Kukovski Lace bra Triangle Bralette w/ Floral Applique

This is something I came across while casually scrolling through etsy. I wish her instagram was more lingerie related. It has too many travel photos for me. However that doesn’t stop the want. This one is available for $25.00 and I only found it on Etsy.

Heidi Klum Intimates Committed Love Underwired Stretch-Lace Bra
Heidi Klum Intimates Committed Love Underwired Stretch-Lace Bra

I don’t usually like things “celebrities” design… but look how cute this one is!!! It kind of reminds me of a vintage boudoir. I hear the soundtrack from Moulin Rouge trickling into my ears when I stare at it long enough. You can acquire this for yourself at the low price of $65.00 at Net-a-Porter.

H&M Lace Bustier
H&M Lace Bustier

H&M never ceases to surprise me with their reasonably priced trendy items. If your size is still left (I’ve checked 2 H&M stores and mine wasn’t; I’m terribly heartbroken) You can get this one for $34.95

For Love And Lemons Be Mine Bralette
For Love And Lemons Be Mine Bralette

Doesn’t this little heart scream VALENTINE’S to you? Because it’s screaming at me to buy it: $77.00

For Love And Lemons Bat Your Lashes Underwire Bra
For Love And Lemons Bat Your Lashes Underwire Bra

This was my one over $100 serious lust. Can someone please donate this piece to me? It’s only $121.00  Size 34C please.

F21 Strappy Push-Up Bra
F21 Strappy Push-Up Bra

Trendy negative space? Check. Support? Check. Under $10? Check! $9.90 

F21 Strappy Crochet Lace Bralette
F21 Strappy Crochet Lace Bralette

Forever 21! Why don’t you ever have my size left!? Quick run to get yours before you suffer the same tragedy. For $10.90 I have definitely put myself on the “waiting list”  Has anyone ever actually heard back from the F21 wait listed items? I REALLY want this one.

Infinite Lace Multi-Way Push-Up Bra
Infinite Lace Multi-Way Push-Up Bra

I have this bra! It’s cute, functional, and good for every day use.  I love it! Nothing hugs my girls like the support of a Calvin Klein bra. If you’re super lucky you can find this bra in other colorways at a Marshalls near you. If you must purchase it at full retail it’ll only set you back a small sum of  $44.00 

Calvin Klein Icon Bare Underwire Bra
Calvin Klein Icon Bare Underwire Bra

Yes my darlings, another Calvin. I also own this bra… in at least 2 different colorways. It gives a lot of support for a little lacy nothing. Sometimes there isn’t any need for padding when you have a great wire. Macy’s has this for $40.00  but I’ve also spotted them at Marshall’s.

BKLYN Noir Microfiber Mesh Cage Longline Bra
BKLYN Noir Microfiber Mesh Cage Longline Bra

What is there not to love about this? I’m in loved with almost all caged bras. This beauty can be found on the Urban Outfitters site for  $48.00

ASOS Willow Strappy Underwired Bra
ASOS Willow Strappy Underwired Bra

Save the best for last right??? I think this is the best “deal” got the negative space /strappy / banded bras out there right now. I love the bright red pop of color and the fact that it has an underwire. I currently have this bra wasting away in my cart and have been restraining myself for 2 weeks from purchasing it,  $33.63 , pay day please come quick!

Do you have a favorite bra lacy bra or bralette? Please let me know with a link in the comments. The Addiction is real.


Song for lounging round (in your new lingerie):
Portland’s Blouse makes dreamy dream-pop that makes me super relaxed.
Give ’em a try after you spend entirely too much on lingerie.

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Stitch Fix Guide & Review

I’ve decided to do a website/service review for Stitch Fix. I hope this helps you all out!

Stitch fix:  A personal styling service for women based out of San Francisco, CA. Stitch Fix charges a $20 Styling Fee to send you a box of merchandise. This box is tailor made for each customer. The customer creates an online profile that their stylists use to hand pick the merchandise.  On average each item they send will be about $55. Each box contains 5 items, 4 garments and one accessory. They customer can decide to purchase any of the items sent to them by logging in and paying for the items. If they decide they don’t want to keep any of the merchandise then they lose their $20 styling fee. Stitch Fix provides the customer with a prepaid return shipping label and bag. If the customer keeps an item, then their $20 fee goes towards which ever item they choose to purchase. If they decide to purchase/keep all of the items in the box they get 25% off of the total purchase price.

Step one: make a profile

This was fairly simple. All the customer has to do is fill in the typical information (name, email, zip code, etc.) and choose the style collages they like. (These collages remind me of Polyvore)  The customer can provide Stitch Fix with all of their social media handles/profiles in order for them to get a clearer picture of the customer’s personality. The customer also has the option to fill out an “about” box at the bottom of the form.

Step two: Schedule your “Fix” (a.k.a. scheduling your box shipment) 

The customer can decide to have a box sent to them on an automatic schedule or one box at a time. I chose to have only one box sent to me. I decided I don’t  really need this kind of service. I can shop for myself after all. (The shopaholic struggle is real. Really real.) I think this would be great for people who have no time to shop…clearly not me. After the customer schedules their “fix” all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for the stylist to creeper all the provided info and send the box. An email is sent to you when the box is shipped. I have a coworker that uses Stitch Fix with an automatic schedule. She got her boxes much sooner than I did. I had to wait 2 months for my stitch fix box.

Step three: Receiving your Fix

This was the fun part! The box comes and it’s like Christmas. Have you ever gone into the Sanrio store and purchased a mystery bag?? (if you haven’t what the heck are you waiting for?!) It’s just like that. Mystery! Who doesn’t love a great mystery? Did the stylist listen to everything I said? Did they really look up ALL of my social media? (did they creep me sufficiently?) Did they read the “about me” I took the time to fill out?


It was awesome. I could see how this could be addicting. With that said, watch your back ladies! These boxes get REALLY pricey.


This is what the box looks like:
Stitch Fix Box

This is what it looks like when you open it:

Open Stitch Fix Box


The stylist also gives you a nifty little letter detailing how intricately she creeped you and how she wants you to wear the things she has sent. This has to be my favorite part (aside from actually purchasing something). It fascinates me how well she did! I really wanted to keep everything in the box; too bad my budget wouldn’t allow it. Here is what my letter looked like:


Stitch Fix Letter

They also make sure to provide you with a packaging slip detailing each of the items:
Stitch Fix packingslipAlso included: detailed directions on how to choose your items and a prepaid return label/shipping bag.



And now for the fun part! Here are all of the garments I received in the package:






Sorry, I didn’t include a photo of the statement necklace, I forgot to before I sent it back. Naturally, I couldn’t decide which item to keep, so of course I polled on my instagram. After tallying the results it seemed that the leggings won. Plus they felt nice. Unfortunately they were the most expensive thing in the damned box. Such is life.


Step four: Paying for your item(s)

Log into your Stitch Fix account and it’ll show you a survey:

check out

You can review each item and tell them exactly what you think about fit, price, style, and size. I chose only to keep the legging, but I assume that everything gets totaled. You  fill out your payment info as would on any other store.

Step five: Return unwanted items.

Put your unwanted items in prepaid bag, seal it, and take to the post office. You have three days to send the merchandise back.


In summation: 

For me, this was just a fun one time kind of thing. I can’t afford to keep this up on top of my current shopaholic nonsense. Stitch Fix would be very useful for people that have no time to shop, such as a mother of three with a full time job. This service would also be great for that friend that probably needed to go on “what no to wear.” I would maybe share this site with them.. perhaps even fill out the information (is that mean?)

The quality of half my box was on par with Forever 21. Some of the things they sent are a little over priced. That being said, I am very pleased with my leggings. They are super thick and comfortable. The fabric is very nice. I would buy them all over again.

I hope this helped some of you out! Feel free to ask me any questions about the process or the merchandise, I’ll answer as best as I can. Please let me know how it goes for you if you buy with Stitch Fix!


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Winter Shorts

December is already here! Did this year fly by as fast for you all as it did for me? I can’t believe were counting down the days until the end of 2014. Good news! (well for everyone in South Florida) It’s unbelievably warm and we can still wear shorts with out layering! Check it out, everyone else pretty much hates us:


This is where “Winter Shorts” come in. You know when you go shopping and you see really cute shorts crafted from one of the three Vs (velour, velvet, velveteen) and you think to yourself: “Self, why the hell would people make shorts out of this fabric?” The answer is simple, they either want you 1) to freeze your tush off, 2) layer them with leggings, stockings, or tights, or the most logical conclusion: 3) they know you live in Florida.

These shorts must exist solely for people in South Florida to feel like they can participate in the seasons and dress “seasonally.” At least that’s my theory.

So ladies, gather up your favorite winter short and dress them up or dress them down, before we can’t wear them anymore!
I wore my floral winter short recently. I paired with a light sweater and my combat boots. I find this combo to be the ideal outfit for 70-something to 60-something degree weather.





Photography by Karen Cardona

Outfit details:
{Floral Lace Velvet Tassle Short: band of gypsies (Marshalls)}
{Pink Chunky Sweater: Marshall’s}
{Wool Hat: Nastygal}
{Black Combat Boot: Steve Madden}
{Gold+Silver Watch: vintage}
{Concho Ring: Gypsy Warrior}
{Cat: Karen’s cat}
{Drink: Michelada}

Chilly vibes:
My friend recently introduced me to Flatsound. He’s based in San Diego, California and has a perfectly melancholic and cold sound. The bandcamp page is very visually appealing, too.
If you get a chance, you should check it out.

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Denim Dan a.k.a Casual Fridays

For many of us in the cubicle world, Fridays mean one thing. Well, many things, but mainly possibly PAY DAY and Denim. It’s  the one day of the week that we’re allowed to wear denim to the office. The struggle to keep denim out for so long occasionally turns me into Denim Dan, yes, head to toe denim. This look makes me nervous, but what the hey, why not try? To spare myself from a three piece denim suit I chose to pair my myriad of denims with a plain white T from C&C California. I’m already making a statement, so adding a statement necklace on top of it all only seemed to make sense when I woke up at the crack of dawn (okay, maybe not dawn… but close to it!) Seeing as how it was the first “cold front” here in south Florida, I couldn’t resist my denim jacket. This bad boy has been hiding out all year, time to bust him out.

Today’s low in suburban south Florida:image (5)

Presenting Denim Dan (I mean Me) :




Photography by Abdyanyz Vazquez

Outfit details:
{Denim Jacket: joujou (Marshall’s)}
{White T: C&C California}
{Glasses: Valentino}
{Backpack: Mossimo}
{Black Pointed Pumps: DV Dolce Vita}
{Jeans: Forever21}
{Statement Necklace: Cotton On}
{Lipstick: Rimmel London 126 Metallic Seduction}

This song by Deers encapsulates my mood of the day; they’re awesome and from Madrid, Spain

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Heritage Month

Not sure how many of you out there know, but it’s National Hispanic Heritage month here in the US (September 15 to October 15). So I decided to dig into my roots for a little bit of outfit inspiration. My parents are both Cuban and my father claims that his side of the family is directly descended from a region in Spain,  Zaldívar, same as our surname.

According to the internet, this is what Zaldívar looks like:

map 300px-Zaldibar_harana

Zaldibar (in Spanish: Zaldívar) is a elizate town. I had to google this, it means many of decisions in respect to the towns were made by heads of the churches. Now, I don’t really have any clothes that make me think of churches and small towns. But I do have things that remind me of flamenco dancers and Spanish floral prints. DSC_0479



Photography by Norma Jean Sorto

Outfit details:
{Sheer Button-up Dress: Forever21}
{Floral Fringe Kimono: Love Culture}
{Glasses: Valentino}
{Hat: H&M}
{Gold Feather Necklace: Forever21}
{Watch: Anne Klein}
{Shoes: Wanted}
{Black Tights: Xhilaration}

Spanish Music for your ears:
TRIÁNGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO is a garage rock indie/noise/post-punk band formed in 2004.
I think I love this song the most. It’s almost shoe-gaze-ish

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The Alchemist

Sometimes you just need an escape from your busy work week with friends. This weekend, my mini vacation was with my friend Karen at the Alchemist in the Eucalyptus Gardens at Wilton Manors. Summer temps can be pretty brutal; sunnies and shorts required for this adventure.

The adventure begins with iced coffee and a Turkey & Swiss Slicer:
This iced coffee is killer! It comes with condensed milk and brown sugar… Also available with Almond Milk or Soy Milk

Then we explored the premises, we had to stop and smell the flowers!

And I got to photograph my lovely friend.
She’s wearing an American Apparel leotard, Gap shorts, Nasty Gal necklace, Henri Bendel purse, and Report booties.

karen 1karen 3 karen 2

Karen took photos of me too!

image image 2standing back

The Outfit

layout half{Crop Top: Billabong}
{High Waisted Denim Shorts: Machine Jeans}
{Cardigan: Love Culture}
{Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson}
{Sandals: Mossimo Supply Co}

Quirky song for a quirky day
Kero Kero Bonito is a trio I came across on the gorilla v bear blog. They’re based out of London and have some catchy beats.  Today, I feel fun like this song

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