Time out, New York!

Happy Wednesday! I got this amazing new coat and I’m obsessed. Finally, I don’t have to wear a puffy coat all day.

Get the look:


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Valentine’s Day!

I wasn’t sure what to wear today for Valentine’s day. I wish I could say it was a fun flirty outfit; but truth be told I was freezing. What am I doing outside if I’m freezing?  Attempting to relax at Bryant park on my lunch break. It’s fun to watch other people ice skate even though I don’t have the time to do it. There’s also a great Japanese bookstore across the street with a cafe on the second floor. They make a mean matcha latte.

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Pixel Forest

I finally made it to see the Pixel Forest at the New Museum, just before the exhibit ended.  My first museum visit of the new year! It was amazing and interactive. The New Museum is slowly becoming one of my favorite art museums.

There was was series a sort films with a sea of pillows for people to lounge with on the floor:

A very intense film that I didn’t completely understand:

And finally the main attraction, Pixel Forest:

You can also reach the roof of the building through the elevators:

My outfit:

Get the look:

Transit Playlist:

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I woke up like this

I awoke to my first real snow this morning!!!I ran outside, threw a few snow balls, slipped on the steps, stomped in a puddle.. What else could I have asked for?  # nomakeup #wokeuplikethis



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Art Basel Vibes ( See you for the holidays, Miami)

In honor of the recent Art Basel that I missed this year, I think I should share my last adventure in Wynwood in Miami (Photos by Linett ). We had brunch and walked around the Wynwood walls. This last moth has been a very big move for me. I have moved to NYC to follow my dreams. I’ll be back in Miami for the Holidays.






Polaroids were also a fun touch to the weekend:  polaroid_0002_

Get the look:


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Last days of Summer (Part 2)

The summer has come and gone; and here we are: Labor day! I have to say it took me a long time to be able to be comfortable enough to wear this suit in public. I’ve had a lot of body issues in the past and this was a big step forward for me. It’s too scary to think what would have happened if I actually went into the water with this suit; everything would have fallen out! My awesome friend Erica took these photos for me.























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My Summer playlist:

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Gotta catch ’em all

Pokémon go has BLOWN UP.  For those of you that aren’t aware of it, check out this subreddit. I’ve been playing nonstop; it’s laced with nostalgia and super easy to get the hang of. Try it. Everyone is doing it.  Finally, all of the people that sit inside all day get to wear their athleisure attire for something other than playing video games inside.  It’s great for everyone! If you’re going to play, make sure you’re safe about it, pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t Pokémon go & drive!

Check out my Pokémon go inspired attire:outfit 1 pokemon go


Shop these items and similar looks:

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4th of July // Jack & Diane

This fourth of July was all about denim! I’ve always wanted to do a cheesy photo shoot with an American flag. This can now get checked off from my bucket list. I somehow was able to rope my cousin into my shenanigans. We hung out and got ready for warped tour. He let my borrow his awesome Levi’s vest. It was great.

The vest:



My outfit:







His Outfit:








Here are my favorite Classics to listen to around Independence day:



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Coffee Date

My friends helped me raid my closet for a coffee date! I know it feels like summer, but I don’t feel like myself without my boots. I had fun checking out this coffee spot, Warsaw Coffee, in Fort Lauderdale. I had the best soy latte I’ve had in a long time and some great conversation. I would totally recommend a visit. Do you know any great local coffee spots in south Florida? Please let me know below!

DSC_2418 DSC_2484

Outfit photos taken by Linett
Coffee shop photos taken by Me!

Get the look:

Listen to my current coffee house vibes:

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To Autumn

Tomorrow marks the 1st day of fall!
Fantasy: Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the breeze. Leaves changing colors. Brisk walks to happy hour after work. Cool weather.
Reality: Hurricane season. HUMID HOT AIR. Palm fronds falling onto the street. Slow terrible traffic ’cause no one can seem to drive in the rain. Rain in your nice suede booties.
I can’t wait to leave summer behind. Unfortunately, it’s not going to feel like fall here until at least the end of  October. A gal can dream! I’ll probably be visiting NYC shortly, so I might as well throw some inspiration together. All the sale emails flooding my inbox aren’t any help to my budgeting. Salt City Optics has some great prescription eyewear and sunglasses; they also offer a coupon code for 20% off your complete prescription eyewear order ( code: Sunny20 )  J. Crew is also having a sale ( an extra 30% off final sale  items, code: TIMETOSHOP) These two in combination left me day dreaming. My first weekend in NYC would look like this:
look 1
look 3
look 2
This would be my ideal play list for my stroll to happy hour:

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