How to wear a silk scarf



After hanging out with Leigh from Pink Vintage Heart last weekend I was inspired to attempt the silk scarf look. Naturally, I went with a black bandana scarf  (whaaaat? It has some colorful flowers on it.) to match with my black turtle neck (& heart). It was especially warm because I tied it over my turtle neck.

Adding the bandana was a really fun way to dress up all of my plain pieces. It elevated my look from super grunge to classy grunge in the under 30 seconds it took for me to tie it around my neck.

Have you tried this look? would you try it? Let me know what you think!

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Casual Glam

Sometimes I want to feel glamorous, but I can’t let go of the grunge that resides within. So, obviously I turn to Courtney Love for inspiration. The juxtaposing textures add a great feeling to the outfit.

As January comes to a close, I finally decided to make my resolutions for 2018. This year’s resolution is for me to be more true to my feelings, my style, and my inner grungy /post hardcore / pop punk self. I also want to create more art (that isn’t for my 9-6).. and most importantly, to hang up all the clothes I take out of the closet as soon as I decide I’m not going to wear it. What kind of things did you guys resolve to work on this year?

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Ladies who grunge:

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I woke up like this

I awoke to my first real snow this morning!!!I ran outside, threw a few snow balls, slipped on the steps, stomped in a puddle.. What else could I have asked for?  # nomakeup #wokeuplikethis



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Last days of Summer (Part 2)

The summer has come and gone; and here we are: Labor day! I have to say it took me a long time to be able to be comfortable enough to wear this suit in public. I’ve had a lot of body issues in the past and this was a big step forward for me. It’s too scary to think what would have happened if I actually went into the water with this suit; everything would have fallen out! My awesome friend Erica took these photos for me.























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My Summer playlist:

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Coffee Date

My friends helped me raid my closet for a coffee date! I know it feels like summer, but I don’t feel like myself without my boots. I had fun checking out this coffee spot, Warsaw Coffee, in Fort Lauderdale. I had the best soy latte I’ve had in a long time and some great conversation. I would totally recommend a visit. Do you know any great local coffee spots in south Florida? Please let me know below!

DSC_2418 DSC_2484

Outfit photos taken by Linett
Coffee shop photos taken by Me!

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Listen to my current coffee house vibes:

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