Art is a way of Survival

I’m so obsessed with this shirt! I want to wear it every day. For me, art is how I make my living. It’s how so many people make their living… but Art is so much more than just work. When you pour all of your time, aspirations, hopes, & dreams into a creative outlet it becomes a product of yourself. It’s so amazing to see the final piece. It shows you how you’ve evolved as a person and how your thought processes have changed. What kind of creative outlets do you have? Do you make anything that you’re proud of?

I used to hate graphic tees. I felt like they defined me too much, too loudly. I used to think that graphic tees took away from what made clothing unique… Or that I was too old to wear a printed shirt. They were too easily the focal point of any look. Perhaps I was wrong? The right graphic tee can help a look come together in ways a pleat or any other specific design detail could.

I saw this tee on tumblr and had to buy it… truth be told this is an aliexpress purchase. Apparently it was available at Zara, at some point in the past, but I couldn’t find it there.

Do you have a favorite graphic tee? How do they make you feel?


The jacket is an amazing vintage find! I took it from boyfriend.. it’s fully lined, warm, & amazing! I plan on stealing it 1,000 more times in the future. I wouldn’t even feel the rain while I was wearing it.


Similar look:

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Pixel Forest

I finally made it to see the Pixel Forest at the New Museum, just before the exhibit ended.  My first museum visit of the new year! It was amazing and interactive. The New Museum is slowly becoming one of my favorite art museums.

There was was series a sort films with a sea of pillows for people to lounge with on the floor:

A very intense film that I didn’t completely understand:

And finally the main attraction, Pixel Forest:

You can also reach the roof of the building through the elevators:

My outfit:

Get the look:

Transit Playlist:

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