Art is a way of Survival

I’m so obsessed with this shirt! I want to wear it every day. For me, art is how I make my living. It’s how so many people make their living… but Art is so much more than just work. When you pour all of your time, aspirations, hopes, & dreams into a creative outlet it becomes a product of yourself. It’s so amazing to see the final piece. It shows you how you’ve evolved as a person and how your thought processes have changed. What kind of creative outlets do you have? Do you make anything that you’re proud of?

I used to hate graphic tees. I felt like they defined me too much, too loudly. I used to think that graphic tees took away from what made clothing unique… Or that I was too old to wear a printed shirt. They were too easily the focal point of any look. Perhaps I was wrong? The right graphic tee can help a look come together in ways a pleat or any other specific design detail could.

I saw this tee on tumblr and had to buy it… truth be told this is an aliexpress purchase. Apparently it was available at Zara, at some point in the past, but I couldn’t find it there.

Do you have a favorite graphic tee? How do they make you feel?


The jacket is an amazing vintage find! I took it from boyfriend.. it’s fully lined, warm, & amazing! I plan on stealing it 1,000 more times in the future. I wouldn’t even feel the rain while I was wearing it.


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How to wear a silk scarf



After hanging out with Leigh from Pink Vintage Heart last weekend I was inspired to attempt the silk scarf look. Naturally, I went with a black bandana scarf  (whaaaat? It has some colorful flowers on it.) to match with my black turtle neck (& heart). It was especially warm because I tied it over my turtle neck.

Adding the bandana was a really fun way to dress up all of my plain pieces. It elevated my look from super grunge to classy grunge in the under 30 seconds it took for me to tie it around my neck.

Have you tried this look? would you try it? Let me know what you think!

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Casual Glam

Sometimes I want to feel glamorous, but I can’t let go of the grunge that resides within. So, obviously I turn to Courtney Love for inspiration. The juxtaposing textures add a great feeling to the outfit.

As January comes to a close, I finally decided to make my resolutions for 2018. This year’s resolution is for me to be more true to my feelings, my style, and my inner grungy /post hardcore / pop punk self. I also want to create more art (that isn’t for my 9-6).. and most importantly, to hang up all the clothes I take out of the closet as soon as I decide I’m not going to wear it. What kind of things did you guys resolve to work on this year?

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Ladies who grunge:

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White Hot Summer

I’ve been trying to work out a system for what to wear up here during the summer. It’s crazy cold in our office building during the day. I also find that I’m extremely chilly during my morning commute. Um, 74 is still chilly for me. No, I did not get used to it during the winter in NYC. By the end of the day it’s like the Florida heat is following me around.

This quandary is rekindling my everlasting love for denim. How is it so versatile? It goes with everything, it isn’t too hot, or too cold. If I could marry Levis I would. For many years (3 to be exact)I avoided shopping for jean pants and shorts. I hated dealing with the sizing because I didn’t know what size I was. The sizes in different brands never matched up and for the most part made me feel bad about my body. Am I a small, medium, or large?? I was all of them. So many styles wouldn’t fit my hips if they fit my thighs, would leave a gap on my butt if I sized up, or had an extreme excess of fabric in the crotch area. This year I sucked it up and tried on several Levis pants. To my surprise I found about 10 pairs that fit when I really only needed 4. Thank you Levis for making things that fit my body. Thank you for making me feel like I deserved pants with out having to fight for something to fit. Thank you for making me feel amazing.

Aside from denim, I’ve also been wearing a lot of vintage lately. Vintage clothes used to weird me out. Was this garment found on a dead person? What did the previous owner do while wearing this? Were they ever quarantined for anything while wearing said item? I’d hope that the person’s clothes would be burned to nothingness if they were quarantined. The top is a knit sleeveless vintage sweater. I acquired it during the Vintage Mini Marketplace at Porta Pizza in Downtown Jersey City last month.

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Happy fourth of July! We’re just going to hang at a house party with some amazing people. I’m wearing a denim dress with my American flag converse and white DKNY backpack. Casual. Chill. I’m still so obsessed with my hair. What are y’all doing today?

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Color Asylum

When I moved to the NYC area I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a hair stylist that I loved. But I have! Near work in the city lies a small hair salon inside of a Ricky’s. It’s called Manic Panic Color Asylum.. because the color products they use are from manic panic. I was worried to have so many colors on head, but Lucy and Olive did a fabulous job! This is the healthiest and most colorful my hair has ever been and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The top is vintage from Muñeca Mullins in Hoboken. I love wearing black, which it still has, but I felt like it popped every tone perfectly from my hair. It’s the perfect summer top!

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Love is color blind

Happy summer and happy pride month! To celebrate I went to try some ice cream from the fancy Ice & Vice kiosk in Time Square, on Broadway between 43rd  & 44th.  They donate 5 % of sales to charities supporting socially relevant causes. I ordered the NO HATE which is composed of a Basic B soft serve (Mexican vanilla, black lava sea salt), raspberry jam injection, pink chocolate shell, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and cherry. It all sits in a bright pink Konery coconut almond macaroon cone. It was fantastic! However, it did melt very quickly… Probably due to the 90 degree weather. What other great ice cream places would you recommend in the city? I love ice cream even though it does not love me (lactose intolerant and all that).

I’ve also been super obsessed with my rings from the rogue + wolf. They’re the perfect shade, black. and made of 3D printed in polyamide plastic. I’m not sure if I should take them off to wash my hands; but I haven’t been. I can’t wait to order more.

Outfit photos taken by Katie & edited by me. Cityscape photo taken & edited by me.

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“Anarchy is the mother of order”

  -Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

In the last couple of months I have been working with amazing vintage shop owner Danielle at MunecaMullins. This has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a photographer, learn a bit more about my new surroundings, and make friends. I somehow have restrained myself from purchasing anything from her.. until I saw this giant vintage Levi’s jacket with the Anarchy symbol painted on the back. I had to take it. Conveniently, it fits my boyfriend rather well.

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If it’s not black, put it back.

It’s becoming warmer and warmer. I cant wait till the trees have color again! That won’t make me wear color, though.

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President’s Day Sales

Here are a few of my favorite sales this weekend! Check ’em out.


Nasty Gal – Take 50% OFF Absolutely Everything

Nordstrom – 40% off

American Apparel – 40% off Code: TAKE40

Bauble Bar – up to 70% off 

Forever 21 – 50% off Sale Code: EXTRA50

Urban Outfitters – 40% off Home / 30% off BDG Jeans

ASOS – 20% off Code: PREZ20

Missguided – 50% off 500 dresses  Code: dress50

Bloomingdale’s – 20% off  (or 25% off when you shop with a Bloomingdale’s credit card) Code: NEWARRIVALS

Anthropologie – 40% extra off sale items

Steve Madden – 25% off + free shipping Code: PREZ

Madewell – extra 30% off sale items Code: MOODLIFT

Target – 25% off great style / up to 30% off furniture, bedding 

Pacsun – 20% off  Code: NEW2020

Zumiez – extra 50% off markdowns

Express – 40% off everything

Gap – 40% off everything Code: PRESDAY

Gilt – extra 20% off of Must HavesCode: MUSTHAVE

Banana Republic – 40% off purchase, applies at purchase




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